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Monday, 16 December 2013

Shopping with Dietary Restrictions

When you have dietary restrictions you stick to those certain products in the one isle at that specific store. You become so accustomed to those items that the idea of not having them is scary; I mean, it was a nightmare to find them in the first place right? Well, if an allergy or life style choice has you on edge about going to England I’ll put your nerves at ease with my promise that there will be something for even the pickiest eater.


Has a large “Free From” section that clearly labels all product ingredients. This section is great for alternative breads and pastas and even has a few desserts thrown in there too for the sweet tooth.

Has a slightly smaller and more affordable Free From section then ASDA.
Has the largest Free From sections of the local grocery stores but is significantly more expensive. Positively it does offer a wide array of products to choose from.
Holland & Barrett
A health and wellness store that offers many supplements and alternatives. Overall the products cost about the same as any in a Co-Op or health and wellness shop and they offer a rewards card that takes 10% off your purchase.


The Boston Tea Party 
This coffee shop offers a wide array of cakes and sweets that are vegan and gluten free (tasty too!)
Karmic Café
This café is devoted to meat free and organic dishes. They are only open morning to early afternoon so rise and shine its well worth it.
This seems to be the equivalent of a fancy McDonalds, but is THE ONLY PLACE TO EAT in the eyes of the British student. Nando’s specializes in chicken at various levels of hotness but also offers many other alternatives.

-Nicole & Gwen

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